Naperville Smart Meter awareness website has a great deal of information to help you.  http://www.napervillesmartmeterawareness.com

Visit our new alerts page for up to date action plans to stop smart meters in your area. This is Nation wide so please be aware!
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National Physicians Group Call for Halt to Smart Meters

“The Board of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine opposes the installation of wireless “smart meters” in homes and schools based on a scientific assessment of the current medical literature. Chronic exposure to wireless radiofrequency radiation is a preventable environmental hazard that is sufficiently well documented to warrant immediate preventable public health action.”
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Know Your Rights! 
You have the right to say NO!

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​What Can I do?​



​​To Refuse A Smart Meter

​​Instructions to Download a Refusal Letter

​Send each refusal letter so they have to have a signature to verify your letter reached the proper person.
​1 to your electric company 
​1 to your mayor and
​1 to your city manager    ​refusal letters download here  Part two

City Of ​Decatur Illinois

Mayor Mike McKleroy
​1 Gary K. Anderson Plaza
​Decatur Ill. 62523

​ Ryan McCrady City Manager
1 Gary K. Anderson Plaza
​Decatur Ill. 62523

​Ameren Illinois 

List of Officers you will have to find the one for your area HERE​​
Leigh E. Morris
Senior Communications Executive
200 W. Washington St
Springfield Il. 62701​​​​  

NOTE: Please make sure you are in the Decatur area if you are using the above address. If you are not then you need to do a search on the internet to find your cities website and look for their contact information. The Refusal letters and the stop smart meter installation signs are generic and can be downloaded and filled out for your area. 

​No Smart Meter Sign Please post this as soon as possible.click here​​​


Decatur Smart Meter Awareness (DSMA) is a small group of citizens concerned about the world-wide controversy surrounding wireless “Smart” Meters. DSMA intent is to raise awareness of the potential issues of and advocate against the installation of “Smart” meters. Make sure you read everything so you can make an informed decisions for you and your family.

​The following two documents are recaps of the issues and are excellent starting points from the Naperville Smart Meter Awareness group that we are working with to spread the risks and privacy violations of smart meters.

NSGI-SummaryRisks-HyperlinksNSMA Packet-Dec2011

​At left on the Naperville website is a list of links to more detailed, pertinent and credible documents and articles by category:
NEW MARCH 26TH 2012 : Resident talks about her smart meter and its effects.

We recommend posting the sign near your meter along with COPIES of your refusal letter completely filled out. Lamating them is the best. Next best thing to do is to place them in a plastic zip lock bag zipper side down and tape it NEAR your meter in the event the power company tries to install one while you are away.​ This should be done asap.
Do not cover your meter or tamper with it in any way. Doing this could get you a fine or arrested.​

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Please sign the naperville petition no matter your city or state.
Decatur Smart Meter Awareness
Decatur Smart Meter Awareness Decatur, Illinois